Manila Design Week 2010

For the past weekend, I have decided to let myself loose, trying to ignore the problems I’ve been facing lately. Fortunately, the 2nd annual Manila Design Week was, or is still holding, from the 7th to the 13th of August, 2010. And luckily for me, Manila Design Week is one of the must-see events of the year for designers, especially in the Philippines.

Manila Design Week holds its annual presentation of different modes of design, and the arts to the Filipino public. In their own unique way, MDW tries to expose art to the mainstream while maintaining its standards and appreciation for the craft. This creates a scene for artists in Manila to come out of their shells, mingle with other designers, while enjoying and experiencing new approaches to art whether in print, web design, and the like.

For this year’s theme, MDW 2010 hosts:

DESIGN EVERYDAY: Everyday, everyone and everything are great places to find good design.

Unlike last year, MDW starts their week with the Graphika Manila International Design Conference. Graphika Manila is a venue for students, enthusiasts and professionals to learn and to share what they know about the fields they excel in. It was then followed (or rather held with) an event of the Wall-Lords.

You don't need wings to fly - just skills.

Mad Skills Needed to Produce Great Art

Wall-Lords is an international competition that caters to artists whose medium includes a blank wall and dozens of cans of spray paint without violating any vandalism rules. I managed to snatch a chance to view this event, alongside a seemingly impromptu skateboard competition of various enthusiasts.

Fortunately, Tara McPherson was invited as a guest at the Vinyl on Vinyl shop at the same venue for the Wall-Lords event. She’s one of the most prominent illustrators not only in the New York, but also throughout the world. Not to mention, she was also one of the speakers for the Graphika Manila event.

If you haven’t caught up with these, there’s no need to worry. MDW will still host a few more for the coming days.  Here’s a brief schedule of theirs upcoming events:

DAY 2:
Manila Beer presents
CUT & PASTE @ MANILA DESIGN WEEK: The Ultimate Design Battle
August 10 | Tuesday | 8pm – 2am
The Collective | 7274 Malugay St. San Antonio Village, Makati City

DAY 3:
Bratpack presents
WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG?: A Fashion & Design Photo Exhibit
August 11 | Wednesday | 7pm – 10pm
Fashion Walk | Greenbelt 5

DAY 4:
Digital Voice
Graphic Design Freedom Wall: A Poster Design Contest for Students
August 12 | Thursday | 4pm – 9pm
Activity Center | Glorietta 5

DAY 5:
Manila Beer presents
Manila Sound Vision: A Music and Design Tribute to 70’s Filipino Rock
August 13 | Friday| 8pm – 2am
Cubao Expo | Araneta Center

MDW started only last 2009 but its popularity has grown massive for its event this year. I take this as a good sign that Filipinos are finally embracing the arts not only as professionals, but as appreciators. I only wish that their motive grow more into a fuller scale to involve design weeks not only in Manila but also for other provinces that are well-known for the craft as well – like Cebu, or Davao.

If you want to know more about this year’s Manila Design week, you could visit their website at It has the schedule and sponsors for the events, as well as the time, location and the event organizers.


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I'm Bea Litao, a frustrated writer, an aspiring Graphic and Web Designer, and an all-around jack of all trades from the Philippines.

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  1. Stumbled upon your website via google the other day and absolutely like it. Carry on this fantastic work.

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