Climbing Down: Redux Project

So aside from this “blog project”, I have decided to add a subsidiary project for my tumblr. Every day, I’ll try to take a photo and upload it as a photo-per-day initiative. Why? Because I can.

Well, to be honest, there’s no real reason behind it. I just feel like I should document the everyday excursions I have and post them somewhere I would be able to access every time I go online on my PC or on my mobile phone. It’s fun, actually.

I’ve started doing it when I got my iPod, but wasn’t able to upload them on my tumblr account.

I guess I started these “projects” since I’m bored. I want to do something different, something that everybody else can but don’t. Why not, I don’t know. Why I do, because I can. And it’s as simple as that. If you’re able to perform something everyone else could, but don’t, then it makes you a little bit more unique.

Where would we all be if we’re all the same? What would happen if all of us think or act the same?

Yes, it’s possible that we all have that certain similar perspective or opinion, but how we define that would be

I’m not artistic, nor relatively close to being one. But then again, I could try to be one. I could try to be artistic in my own abstract way. And that’s art, actually. It’s about being that vaguely familiar, yet unfamiliar. It’s about being abstract and concrete at the same time. It’s about paradoxes.different. Meh. I’m just trying to do what I could do. I’m not aiming for popularity, for “fame” or for money. I’m aiming for a little bit of pleasure, of something that I could hold as my own.

So anyway, before I go philosophical in my brain and explode, I’d like you guys to learn about Climbing Down: Redux. Nah, let’s just call it… my Climbing Down tumblr account.

Visit my tumblr account at:


About bealitao

I'm Bea Litao, a frustrated writer, an aspiring Graphic and Web Designer, and an all-around jack of all trades from the Philippines.

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