The 50’s Diner

Going to Baguio helps one relax and get away from the busy streets of Manila once in a while. The cold weather and the trees probably helps out a lot in this.

Most people go to Baguio for a vacation, but I just like going there to see the trees.

Last year, I persuaded Dio to take me to Baguio after years of not being able to go there due to work, lack of money, etc. It was supposed to be an overnight trip, but we failed. We eventually left Manila at around midnight to get a day tour of the city.

We just walked around the city looking for awesome sights that you can’t get by riding a cab or a jeepney (the English actually call them buses but they’re not). And for some weird twist of fate, I got Dio to take me to the restaurant he and his friends went to when they got there before we did.

The restaurant was called, “50’s Diner”.

It actually has the feel of a 50’s diner with all the jukebox, and milkshakes, and the frames picture of stars way back then (like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe).

The people around the area were pretty nice too since we were actually lost when we got there.

I just wanted to share about how awesome the place it ’cause I don’t think most of the vacationers from Manila actually know the place.

Price-wise, the food were pretty cheap. Serving-wise, the food were humongous. Taste-wise, it’s awesome.

Dio opted for the burger ’cause we was actually just trolling me on how much food I can eat from the place. We eventually had to get the food in a doggy bag cause out of the 5-6 types of food that were on my plate, I only got to eat 2.

Dio couldn’t even finish the burger he ordered and we had to talk our way out of eating the entire thing.

The place is easy I find too despite lacking directions inside the city. You would just have to keep moving towards Wright Park when you get off from the bus station. You can’t even miss it ’cause of all the little bazaars in front of it. I got two sweaters for 100 bucks, and was actually contemplating on how to get them home – just be reminded that stuff from bazaars in the Philippines may be 2nd hand.

If you eventually decide to visit the place though, it’s recommended that you go there before lunch time because the place gets pretty full easily – and I can’t blame the people.

Just another reason for me to go to Baguio during those times I need to get away from the sounds of Manila.


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I'm Bea Litao, a frustrated writer, an aspiring Graphic and Web Designer, and an all-around jack of all trades from the Philippines.

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