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La Scala Cafe | Music Bar, Antiques and Collectibles

I just got back from a semi-freedom walk to Malate, to free the mind from any work-related stress and life’s nonsense. A close friend suggested that I try a cafe close to Robinson’s Place called, “La Scala Cafe“. Since I wasn’t doing anything meaningful for the day, I gave it a try.

It was worth the travel. It was hot as hell, despite the supposedly impending storm, but I still managed to get myself dragged to Malate, probably the busiest of all cities on weekends. It’s only around 10 pesos worth of jeepney ride from our house to Manila, and a few blocks walk. You probably would’ve missed it if you were driving, but if you were observant enough, you’d see a big sign on top of a building with the name, “La Scala Cafe Music Bar, Antiques and Collectibles“.

The place is cozy at its finest. Not a lot of people were there, given the time was around 5 in the afternoon. You’d have to enter a building and walk a small flight of stairs to get there. And again, if you weren’t observant enough, you’d probably miss the small door on the right. But as you enter the building, Spiderman would greet you along with a few memorabilia like the Coca-Cola bear and a few figurines.

As you enter the cafe, you’d face a lot of memorabilia at once. The first thing I’ve noticed was Elvis – and that was even on the third on the cabinet of displays. And if it wasn’t pointed out to me, I wouldn’t have noticed a big Hollywood Last Supper painting just by the stairs (with Marilyn Monroe at the center).

You’d have to walk around to see everything but since again, I wasn’t doing anything for the day, I got to. It’s a small place given all the antiques I had to see. One of my favorites is the jukebox collection that was actually still working. It wasn’t as big as the vinyl kind of jukebox, but they had two small ones – and another pair of decorative jukebox antiques. They even had a star wars collection there, and a few old bottles of San Miguel beer – the special kinds like their 50th year, or the Oktoberfest kind. Not to mention, they had the first edition of the Sony handicam (and of course it still works), and an old analog Kodak camera – box included. (Oh oh, they have the 2nd edition of the Superman comics in their shop too!)

As for the menu, it was awesome. They had their menu printed out like a vinyl case, and the menu pages were supposedly vinyl (they were circular). Their prices were also reasonable. For a mouth-watering steak sandwich, it was only around 280 pesos – of course I had mine medium rare. And their chicken pasta was delicious as well. But for the best part of meal, it was the coffee. Their coffee was probably bought at some grocery or supermarket, but nonetheless, it was one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. So, steak + pasta+ coffee = awesome meal for me.

Aside for the eye feast, their music was also amazing. If you’re into 50’s – 80’s music, you’d probably stay there as long as we did. We were practically jamming to the music of Rolling Stones, Madonna, The Turtles, and other amazing artists. You could even request songs (if you’d still prefer to have something despite their awesome playlist) from the vinyl collection hanging just above your heads. They had vinyl from Kenny Rogers, The Beatles, and Sir Frank Sinatra.

But I would probably have to hand it to John, our server, for his wonderful “tour” of the place. I probably wouldn’t have recognized Adriatico Street from the pictures he’d shown us. And did I mention they had a Karaoke spot called the “Orchestra room”? You could afford it for only around 2,000 – 2,800 pesos accommodating 12 people, and it’s consumable for 3 hours (food and drinks!).

So if you’re looking for a look-back to the 50’s, you’d definitely have to try La Scala Cafe. It’s worth the try, definitely. You could visit their website for more info: or their online blog (which features a lot of famous stars, I might add)

Trivia:  La Scala Cafe got their name from an opera house in Milan, Italy called the “Teatro alla Scala“.

PS: Sorry about the lack of pictures. It was seriously an impromptu visit, ergo, I forgot my camera. Will post pictures soon, I hope.

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