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Ka Freddie’s Music Bar and Restaurant

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog entry. I’m sorry about that. Stress has been getting to me lately, and I haven’t been inspired to create anything. But no, I’m not letting stupid stress get me down! And oh, booze wouldn’t hurt too.

A while back, a friend and mine decided to lay low and just hang out around Malate, Manila for some peace of mind. And don’t forget the beer! But unfortunately, malls around Malate closes around 10 in the evening so we couldn’t hang out in that air-conditioned over-populated place for some peace of mind. Cue sarcasm here. And since I’m a night owl, I could just hang at home knowing that I’m missing something fun outside… so we walked around the area of the mall.

For normal people, they would’ve been scared as hell walking around Malate at night since it’s dark, it’s inhabited by evil-minded people Yikes! and the like. But for us “other” people, we don’t really care. ‘Cause we’re broke as hell. And while walking around, we spotted a fun place to drink and enjoy music.

The first thing noticed was a sign that says, “Freddie Aguilar tonight!”, and the next thing we read was, “consumable entrance fee”. Which basically means, a classic artist singing tonight with booze on entering the establishment. So my friend and I shrugged our shoulders and head on in.

We sat somewhere where the “old” people wouldn’t notice us, and drank our beer while waiting for the show to start. Right as we sipped our drinks, they introduced Freddie Aguilar and his son to come on stage to perform.

I can’t tell you enough how entertaining he was on stage. He was funny. And his songs still had the power get to you and hit you right where it hurts. When he sang “Anak”, I just had to shut up, listen and feel the song. By the way, he said he doesn’t sing the version you get on his records, but rather sing his other version (the longer one) which told his own life story.

I won’t get into detail of all his songs, and what he told on stage. ‘Cause that was probably two weeks ago, and I’m a forgetful little girl. But what I can tell you is that his youngest son is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on guitars, and he had stage-presence. Probably, all of Freddie Aguilar’s children have that kind of musical talent. I should’ve just brought my camera with me at that time just to show you.

But anyway, straight to marketing the music bar and restaurant. I’m not getting paid for this, by the way.

The bar is located not far from Robinson’s Place at Malate, Manila. Actually, if you saw the bakery which I think is Chinese or Korean, and walked a little farther down that road, you should see a big sign of the place. If you missed it then… you should look up.

The price is a bit too high for me. I repeat, I am broke as hell. But converting that to dollars, then, it’s not THAT bad. And besides, you wouldn’t really be thinking about the price if you’ve seen someone like Freddie Aguilar perform. I mean, you wouldn’t be seeing him everyday. He only plays at his music bar on Fridays and Saturdays. And at times, he does perform with his children and you’ve got yourself the von Trapp family right there.

But if you’re just willing to reminisce on a bit of good ‘ol classic songs, have a few laughs and just enjoy your night, you could spend it there and sing-along. Oh, and Freddie Aguilar accepts requests too. Just bring your lyrics with you, though.

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