When do we mature?

When do we consider ourselves mature? Is there a being, an entity that dictates when we’ve finally matured – or grow up, as our parents tell us?

My siblings got married, or gave birth in order for our parents to consider them mature. But in our current age, and economic crisis, who can actually afford to do so?

I’ve been thinking of my own situation… have I grown upĀ – whatever the definition of “grow up” is?

In my 23 years of existence, I have seen changes undergo in myself. I am physically different, and my thought patterns have, if I may, evolved to some degree. But in comparison to my peers, have I indeed changed?

In some aspects, I have evolved more than those in my age group, and in some, I am left behind. I have embarked in a career that most people would face in their 30’s, while I embark them while I am under 25. But in some aspects such as fashion, how can I match them despite them in their 20’s?

If time is irrelevant, how is it that age still matters in our world? Would experience be really rooted on our age?

How can the year we were born with affect the course of how we function in our society?

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